Commercial Carpet Cleaning Experts.

    commercial carpet cleaning experts

    Choose The Orange County Leading Commercial Carpet Cleaning Experts.

    When it is time to clean the commercial carpet in your office or retail space, choosing the right company is vital. There are many carpet cleaning service providers out there. However, having the years of experience and the machinery ability to perform highly complicated jobs is just as important. One of the most important factors in commercial carpet cleaning is the ability to penetrate deep into the carpet and extract all the dirt from extreme foot traffic and other spills.

    Due to the higher than average square footage that needs to get covered and cleaned, many carpet cleaners look for shortcuts. The most common shortcut is using a buffing machine for the complete carpet cleaning job. That means using a special product that is geared to collect the dirt from the carpet and bind it with the pad. However, the majority of the dirt underneath the top layer of the carpet is not able to get caught in the pad. In addition, the pad fill up with dirt quite quickly, therefore, it only smears the dirt around the carpet. Thanks to the product, the carpet will look good for 1-3 days. However, after the carpet dryer and settles completely, the dirt will resurface and look even worse than before. That is why choosing true professional carpet cleaners for commercial carpet is vital.

    Same Day Commercial Carpet Cleaning Experts.

    In addition to the knowledge and top level experience we bring to each and every job, we also pride ourselves with top notch customer service. That means that we are always available for you to keep up with the cleanliness of your carpet. However, in many cases commercial carpet cleaning over the weekend, or, over night, is not enough. Many of our commercial carpet cleaning customers ask us in many cases to come for same day commercial carpet cleaning. In many cases the reason is a surprise visit by corporate, or an important customer, while in other cases it could be due to emergency carpet cleaning needs. In any case we are ready to assist you with your immediate carpet cleaning needs in Orange County.

    For more information about our commercial carpet cleaning service, please contact Dr. Commercial Carpet Cleaning Orange County.

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